Fictional Photography Is The Best

Fictional photography has been a passion of mine ever since I got my first digital camera and software on the computer. There are some locksmiths Kansas city that do their job picture perfect, look at these pictures at their site  of some of the work that has been done. You have to keep in mind that fictional photography is unlike traditional photography.

I think that traditional pictures are boring. However, they do allow you to be creative. I still like fictional pics more because they allow me to use even more of my imagination. The miami locksmith are picture perfect, to see some of those pictures of the new offices. I love to merge ideas together and make pictures that no one has ever seen before. I mean, how boring are pictures of beaches and other things that get their pictures taken millions of times a day.

I want excitement in my life. So I brainstorm some cool ideas and the pictures that I photoshop come out awesome. The secret to my success with fictional photography has to be photoshop. I always start laughing at this girl from locksmith San Antonio texas because I always catch her fixing up one of her picture with photo shop even though she doesn’t need to. I was taking pictures of my yacht transport to my new house, and while it was at sea was also sending me pictures of it. I have mastered this piece of software and I can basically make it do any type of effect I can dream of.

I took some beautiful pictures the other day that ended up on Best Awnings Miami website and it drew nice compliments, since they have such nice Miami Awnings.  Yet, if you are in need of a miami beach locksmith then go to If you want to throw a party and need party rentals Miami then go to for only the best. I know other photographers use photoshop but they just do it touch up pictures and make people look prettier than they really are. I’m more about being real and fake at the same time. I love to take pictures out my new roman shades that I got at Prime Blinds it is a great window shade, because it gives you a third person view and the solar roller shades or panel track blinds just got with all our pictures.  See more of their faux wooden blinds for windows here at For window blinds and shades go to or for bamboo. Motorized blinds and shades on the other hand can be found at , while room darkening shades are at and lastly window treatments in general can be covered at    I love to live in my fantasy world were the combinations of pictures I take is truly unlimited.





Pictures Keep Stories Of Your Life In File

Pictures can save the world, ok maybe not literally but remember pictures are said to be worth a thousand words. Well I say they are worth much more than that. Pictures can capture great memories that stick with us forever. Have you ever just sat back and opened up an old photo album to look back at your past and at great memories. Well of course most of us have. So why is it so great to take pictures? I went on a date with some girl that works at and she told me that she has at least one picture of her of each month since she was born and has them in a folder in her locksmith in Hollywood fl desk. Because it’s the only thing of the past that we can keep and take with us into the future. It’s sort of way to bottle the happiness that you felt at that very moment. All the locksmith spokane jobs that does finish picture perfect to please the customer every time.

So how do you take great pictures? The other day I came across a great blog site that had awesome pictures, you can view their site over here at One way is to of course have an absolute great camera that does all the work for you. With all the technology now days, it’s easy to see why pictures are looking better and better every day. When first opened, they took a company picture. Notice how people seem more attractive now than before? Well your parents did not have a quick fix option of their cameras. Either way you must protect your camera as well. What I do is buy an aluminum extrusions case that is of course made of aluminum. If the rest goes as planned then you can go to this site which is the greatest site for window coverings. Also, on this site you can get solar blinds over at, and For more roman shades go to, and This way if my camera falls, the aluminum actually protects the camera and I can rest assure that all my memories and pictures will be safe from harm.

So go out there and take a load of pictures. Don’t stop taking pictures, you will see that some will come out so great and others not so good. They take before and after picture at dance classes los angeles. But the great thing about digital pictures now days is the easy delete button they have so you will never come out in a picture and that’s for sure. One thing that this austin and georgetown texas locksmith likes about pictures is that it last forever and for example if a customer wants to see past Locksmith Austin Texas jobs. Enjoy taking pictures and I will see you guys next time. Snap Snap.

Take A Picture It Will Last You A Lifetime


A lot of my friends like to ask me where I get my ideas for the photography. Krysty like taking picture of all the cool places that she goes while she’s working at san jose locksmiths because they make her go to places all over an Jose. The truth is that I believe anyone can do what I do. I like to do some exercises that I read on thinker toys, which is a great book to truly open your mind.

It gives advice on different types of creative thinking. The only thing that will last longer then a picture will be a Miami tattoos, and after you get your tattoo done will take a picture of it and put it on their website. It allows you to get one central idea and then make a lot of different ideas from it.

This is something that I use a lot when taking pictures. I know that a lot of people like to go out and just take pictures and hope for the best, but that is something that I do not do. I like to go out with a plan.

So before I start taking pictures, I already have an idea of what I want the  end product to look like. The day garage doors Georgetown TX opened they took a picture of the building for a reminder from what they started with. Sometimes it will not look like what I had in mind, however, some times it will come out 10 times better than I originally thought.

My favorite type of thinker toy that I like to use for photography is brute thinking. Run to this site to get window treatments they are these blind window that are also wood blinds for windows and patterned vertical blinds. Or you can get motorized sun shades that are also blackout shades for windows and bamboo blinds motorized. And for standard blinds like these fabric roller blinds get these outside mount roman shades or roll up bamboo shades.

What brute thinking involves, is forcing your brain to create 20 new ideas. The car key replacement orlando that limu locksmith makes a picture perfect like the original ones. So I get a base idea and then work from it.

The trick is not to leave the table until you get all 20 ideas.

The crazy part is that after the 10th idea, usually those are your best ideas because they are things you probably never thought of.





Welcome to my site dedicated to fictional photography. Just last week I was taking pictures of a lace wedding dress for Say Yes Wedding Dresses an online bridal store with inexpensive bridesmaid dresses and they loved how all the pictures came out. This has been my passion for the last six years and I decided to create this blog just for it.